Treatable disorders

At the Wayan Psychiatry office, services are provided for a wide range of psychiatric problems and for all ages. Our therapists provide evidence-based treatment for pediatric behavioral disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults, tics, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mood disorders including depression, eating disorders, sleep problems, and substance abuse disorders. and sexual and marital problems. We also specialize in working with families and couples and patients who have multiple diseases at the same time.

Depression and bipolar disorder

Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, can affect every aspect of a person’s life, such as education, work, relationships with family and friends, the ability to raise children, and enjoy life. With correct diagnosis and treatment, many of these consequences can be minimized or prevented. In this center, a comprehensive evaluation and individual treatment for depression and bipolar disorder will be done. Clinical evaluations include a complete psychiatric interview, laboratory tests and, if necessary, neuro-cognitive evaluation and imaging.
The treatment program is comprehensive and based on scientific evidence and includes a range of biological treatments such as drug therapy and psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and analytical psychotherapy. In addition, the treatment plan can include family and couple therapy if necessary, so that the effect of the person’s illness on their relationships is also covered.

Obsessions and anxiety disorders

These problems are the most common psychiatric disorders in all ages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. High anxiety can affect all aspects of the patient’s daily life and prevent him from achieving the goals of daily life, creating and maintaining social relationships, and progressing in work and education. Also, anxiety diseases can coexist with other problems such as tic, ADHD, Mood disorders such as depression and drug and alcohol abuse occur
There are many effective, evidence-based treatments for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Our center deals with pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments of these disorders (including obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, children’s separation anxiety, and social anxiety disorder using pharmacotherapy and cognitive-behavioral, analytical psychotherapies. And hypnosis will provide comprehensive services to clients.
Couples therapy and premarital counseling
All people in all parts of the world tend to have stable and romantic marital relationships during which they reach their maximum personal growth and take steps towards their long-term goals. Natural differences between spouses, if not properly managed, will prevent the achievement of this important task. Many couples have problems in the field of stable and productive relationship, as well as in the field of raising children and passing through the crises of their children’s lives.
Wayan Psychiatry Center has a long history of helping couples to improve their relationship and solve family problems. This is done by carefully examining existing problems, communication patterns, interpersonal differences, and then designing an effective treatment plan to improve family life.

Sexual problems

The sexual relationship of spouses is one of the most important aspects of married life that requires skill and training. Other psychiatric problems such as mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse and physical diseases are also among the underlying factors of this group of problems. Therefore, handling and solving these problems requires the expertise of the therapist in medical and psychiatric matters. At the Wayan Psychiatry Center, psychiatrists provide professional and specialized services in the field of sexual communication problems, which will begin with a detailed examination of the client’s medical and psychiatric history and lead to the design of a comprehensive treatment plan according to the underlying factors and his individual needs.

sleep disorders

One of the most common psychiatric problems in society is related to sleep. Sleep is one of the most important biological periods of daily life, and when it is disturbed, many of the body’s natural functions such as appetite regulation, mood regulation, and body metabolism regulation have problems, and complications such as dysregulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, appetite and weight, and It will also lead to psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, sleep problems are caused by a wide range of physical and psychiatric diseases, which requires a complete and accurate evaluation of all these factors for treatment. In this center, psychiatrists will do all the necessary personal work for the causes of insomnia, and according to the needs of each client, medical and psychiatric treatments will be provided.

Substance use disorders

Unfortunately, the abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, stimulants and even medicines is very common in the society. Many times, the use of these substances and drugs is the patient’s attempt to get rid of the tension and negative emotions that he experiences, but this effect is temporary and usually causes the previous tensions to return with greater intensity and family, job, medical, and other problems. Even the law caused by drug consumption should be added to them.
Cessation of drug use is difficult for most users, and success in this requires various pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, including psychotherapy. Psychiatrists of our center have experience and experience in non-drug addiction treatment and provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to their clients. Often times, success in substance abuse treatment requires additional interventions such as treatment of underlying mood and anxiety problems, modification of family relationship patterns, and patient support until full return to employment and healthy and adaptive social relationships, all of which are included in the program. The treatment of the patient is taken into consideration.

Parenting education

Accepting the role of a parent is one of the biggest challenges in every adult’s life, and carrying out the responsibility of raising a child requires training and acquiring accurate parenting skills.
Unfortunately, despite the increasing level of public awareness about this educational need and parents’ desire to acquire scientific skills, the provision of these services in society is limited. Most of our team members have rich experience in providing group and individual parenting training to interested parents. Providing educational services and establishing general parenting classes and workshops as well as parenting workshops for parents whose children have special conditions and different needs are part of the main goals of the Wayan Psychiatry Center.

hallucinations and delusions

When someone is hallucinating, he perceives things through the five senses that do not exist in external reality and others do not feel it, for example, he hears a voice or sees something that is real to him but there is no external source for them.
Delusions are thoughts and beliefs that are certain for the patient and he completely believes in them, while there are no logical reasons to prove their correctness, and others do not consider it a believable belief.
The two symptoms of delusion and hallucination are symptoms of psychosis, during which the boundary between the external reality and the inner world of the mind is lost. Psychosis is an important psychiatric symptom that can be seen in various disorders such as schizophrenia, severe mood disorders, and stimulant drug abuse. Identifying hallucinations and delusions requires a detailed diagnostic interview with enough time spent by a specialist psychiatrist to find the underlying disease and provide appropriate treatment. started it